An authentic gastronomic voyage, guaranteed

An authentic gastronomic voyage, guaranteed

nFrance is a country which boasts a very wide variety of culinary delights, reflecting the diversity of its regions. So, I have selected a unique restaurant and great lunch spot: O’Bourpif, just 5 minutes from your hotel (at 9 rue Pergolèse). The name, which means “stuff yer face”, says it all. And I promise you, it’s no lie! To immerse yourself in France’s wine country amidst an informal ambiance, this restaurant is the place to be! The venue’s philosophy: specialities from our regions, always inspired by local market produce, fresh goods and the current season.

nnnnThe wine menu is exceptional and rare, including for example 10 different wines from Burgundy. As soon as you set foot inside, you will be welcomed by the terrific trio of Jef, the boss, a bon vivant and wine connoisseur; Isabelle, the floor manager, with a smile on her lips and a touch of Paris cheek; and Chef François, the calm before the ovens.  If you are looking for an authentic and delicious no-frills traditional meal accompanied by excellent wine, your search is over. Good to know: the restaurant is open for lunch Monday to Friday and for dinner on Thursday.


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